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Earlier this week our son received the above Happy Holidays video card from @WWE. He really enjoyed how John Cena directed and talked about a donation being made to “Save the Children” in honor of WWE fans. As we have mentioned many times before, one of the reasons we enjoy watching the WWE with our children is that viewing the shows together allows for the opportunity to dialogue about important topics. The card created the perfect time to discuss all the wonderful causes the WWE supports that teach our children important life lessons such as always helping those less fortunate.

Recently, our boys loved how Rey Mysterio highlighted WWE’s Tribute to Troops“ during CW’s WWE Saturday Morning Slam. The boys can’t wait to watch this year’s event which will be the 10th anniversary celebration taking place in Norfolk, VA. The program airs on USA on Wednesday, December 19th and on NBC Saturday, December 22nd.  Rey’s clip provided the opportunity for a family discussion on how so many men and women work very hard to keep our country safe and free. We emphasized how our military assisted with #Hurricane Sandy recovery on the East Coast and still keeps everyone safe in Afghanistan. Our Troops are making a big sacrifice for America by being away from their families during the holidays.  Given all the Military does for us, America must always salute our our brave soldiers.  We so appreciate the precious teaching moments provided by the WWE to stress the importance of helping others and promoting good citizenship.

Moreover, we appreciate the royal treatment they give the military: tickets, events, etc…  I remember watching the WWE with my brother  who is now a former Marine officer. The WWE inspired my brother at a young age that being a warrior no matter what type—- is always an honor.

Join us this Monday to let us know if you agree that WWE’s programs such as Tribute to the Troops help teach our children about good citizenship. We will be chatting  at 1pm EST at hash tag #wwemoms. The @WWEmoms will all be there : @lisasamples@RachelFerrucci@wrestlingaddict@SoberJulie@MommyJenna@JanetGoingCrazy, and @TheOnlineMom. We will have great conversation and fabulous prizes.

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WWE teaches good sportsmanship