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We so appreciate your following our blog Revolutionary Marketing Ideas and all your support of our social media adventures.  Our writing journey has led us to realize that if we follow our true passions our writing will flow.  So, we are shifting our focus to Sports, Technology, Travel, Extraordinary Women and Motherhood insights which we love to  explore on a weekly basis–Our joie de vivre. This transition fits with our vision of pursuing the best technology possible so we must move to a self hosted blog.

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After 20+years in brand marketing, our business focus still leverages insights and concepts to drive extraordinary brands. However, to pursue writing about revolutionary ideas requires high level strategic analysis and curation as well as breakthrough research. This task has become too time intensive for our work and family balance. Plus, so many other amazing bloggers like Shelly Kramer, Julia RosienHeidi Cohen, Melissa Stewart and Leadership West cover social media and marketing topics so well already (be sure to follow them, you will learn so much). Someday, we hope to return to writing about marketing case studies.

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Our daughter thought it would be fun to have a mascot for the blog: Pinky, her dolphin pool toy.  We could take her traveling with us and feature her in photos for a fun “Where is Pinky contest?”. Be sure to watch the video above and let us know if you vote yes by clicking on the leave a comment tab at the top of this blog.  Our daughter feels we need at least 20 votes to justify Pinky’s new role.  We usually don’t do contests or give-aways but what about offering a lunch date with us in NYC featuring knock knock joke entertainment as an incentive to comment. What do you think?

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Special thanks to our amazing Web Design team of eDesign-Pro Company. Check them out at @edesignpro or on Facebook. Kat Robertson has been so helpful. When she heard that BlogHer is syndicating one of our posts she rocked the transition into warp speed. Kudos also go to our friend @TinaSeitzinger, the Social Media Goddess, for recommending Kat.

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 “People with passion can change the world”

-Steve Jobs