With 21 years of marketing experience and with over 11+ years on her own, Suzanna Keith continues to build SKconcepts, a brand consulting business focusing on new product launches and development of consumer brands ranging in size from $5 million to $500 million. Her expertise is researching revolutionary consumer insights and building on these insights to drive long-term strategic direction in all aspects of brand management, from analyzing financial statements to initiating manufacturing production to developing the consumer and trade advertising. Specific project work specializes in the management of base brands, introduction of line extensions, insight ideation and innovation leading to the development of new brands, and in-depth competitive analysis of category trends with implications for brand communication. As part of the ideation and revolutionary strategy process, Suzanna specializes in marketing to moms, green marketing and place based video advertising.

In addition, Suzanna is known as a financial problem solver and visionary who can identify difficult issues and provide effective and cost efficient solutions in a manner that includes effective listening and on-going communication. Given her varied client list, she has a proven track record of tackling complex issues through collaboration and bridge building within corporations.

Prior to starting her own consulting company in 1998, Suzanna served as Brand Manager for Mitchum AP at Revlon in NY, NY. She has also worked in brand management at Sterling Withthrop and Cadbury Schweppes. Raised in Bristol, TN, Suzanna graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1988 and received her MBA in marketing from New York University in 1992.


• Redken/L’Oreal

• Combe  

• Dannon  

• Revlon  

• Pepsi-Cola

• Avon  

• Bristol Myers/Clairol  

• Boehringer-Ingelheim  


• Effective Brands Consulting

• Just Ask A Woman Consulting
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