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Travel-Mommy: Perfect Mother’s Day outing, Gifts and causes!


A copy of Kees Van Dongren’s The Corn Poppy by my Mom

The Perfect Outing:

This year we have the perfect Mother’s Day outing planned. Our mom is taking us to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) to see the Picasso exhibit followed by an early dinner.  A day exploring an art museum is a childhood tradition that we still treasure.  When growing up in Tennessee, our mom would create a fun family night by making us pretend we were visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in New York City. She would share slides from her days at Moore College of Art.  To keep us entertained, she would explain the inspirations and techniques of the artists in exquisite detail allowing the vivid colors to jump off the screen.

Mom’s gift of bestowing a love of art and creativity has turned into lifelong passion.  We fill our lives with a steady diet of art museums and galleries several times a month.  When our children grumble about going to an art museum “yet again”, we tell them that art is “food for the soul”. Hopefully, someday they will grow to love art as much as we do.  Recently, we discovered that the strategy works because the children enjoy sketching with their Grandfather who is studying to be an artist.

mothers day 2008 at the met museum roof

The Roof of the MET

True to our childhood dream, our favorite activity for Mother’s Day when we lived near New York City was to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We would drag the three children to see the impressionist paintings. They could only take an hour lap around the exhibit before kiddie culture overload. Then, we would head up to the Roof Garden Cafe for a simple but delicious lunch paired the extraordinary views of New York. Afterwards, we would push our luck with a studying a few more impressionist paintings followed by a trek to the arms and armor exhibit strolling through the enthralling sculpture gardens along the way. Sometimes, the children would even let us glimpse Louis Comfort Tiffany’s intricate stained glass masterpiece Magnolia and Irises, ca. 1908.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 2.34.25 PM

Given our family background and traditions, you can imagine how excited we are to see the Picasso exhibit at Museum of Fine Arts Houston(MFAH). Over an early dinner, we will be sure to discuss Picasso’s Black and White period and the evolution of his work. This outing will create the perfect day for all our family. We are so happy to spend special time with our Mom. As we experience the different life stages of our three children, our respect continues to grow for Mom’s ability to manage four energetic children only a few years apart.

The Perfect Gift:

To compliment the perfect day, we must say we do love the perfect gift.  Every year our hubbies ask us what we want and we agonize over quality gifts for a responsible price. Some of this year’s favorites are:


The Office Candy patent leather tote which works great for carrying the laptop, iPad, work or meeting files. Since it is not made of leather, it may not work for everyday commuting or life with three busy children, but it is the right accessory for special meetings. Also, the price is right at $85.


The Coach Legacy Perforated Swingpack is a wonderful purse for summer. We are thrilled that smaller purses are coming back into style given their light weight is better for the neck and back. The great thing about Coach purses is that if you take good care for them they can last forever. We can’t wait for our daughter to borrow our purse collection.  Thanks to Emmy Oates of the Coach store for the wonderful customer service!

amazon 1-1

Another favorite for the mom thinking about going back to work (or even upcoming graduates) is the Job Agenda developed by our friend the amazing Sonal Rinello.  Job Agenda retails for $24.99 so “get inspired and get hired”.

The Perfect Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day: Give back!

We are so thankful for our blessings as mothers. So it is always important to help those less fortunate. So this Mother’s Day, we are supporting three important causes that give back to mothers and women in need:

  • The United Nations Foundation’s One Shot At Life: link up and donate with 20 courageous bloggers who are making sure that all children have access to vaccines
  • The Verizon Hopeline: send Mom a virtual flower at verizonperfectday.com. Every flower sent equals a donation to domestic violence prevention
  • The Susan G. Komen and the WWE present the “Make Mom Proud” campaign to fight breast cancer: Race for the Cure, educate your family and friends to screen annually and donate to this worthwhile cause

We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day or a fun time celebrating with your mother.

“All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother” – Abraham Lincoln

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