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Tech-Mommy: Health and Wellness Apps for Moms

With our crazy busy life styles, moms need to take time to make sure we keep ourselves healthy. Luckily, now there are a variety of health and wellness apps to help keep the doctor away.  We can use these apps while waiting for school pickup or in the grocery line.

Most of us barely have time to take a shower so we definitely don’t have time to get sick. Plus, if we get sick, who is going to care for the children, the hubby and the aging parents when they get sick? We are truly the “sandwich generation” having our children later in life and caring for aging parents at the same time.

Moms need help staying healthy and happy so we can keep our families healthy and happy too. So here are our top 5 health and wellness apps:

  • WebMD: provides 24/7 mobile access to important health facts and decision-support tools.  App features include a symptom checker, drug and treatment descriptions, first aid essentials, and local health provider listings.  Best of all, the app can be customized with your family’s key heath information. It is important to maintain a list of meds, doctors, allergies, medical history, advanced directives, most recent hospitalizations if someone suddenly requires treatment. Free for both iOS and Android
  • Pollen.com’s Allergy Alert: keeps the allergy-suffering public up to date with pollen and allergy forecasts for the U.S. and informs users about other environmental factors such as a local asthma index, ultraviolet levels, and cough and cold monitoring. Not only is it a wonderful tool for asthma sufferers, but also it helps you figure out when to hit the CVS to stock up on Children’s Claritin. Free for both iOS and Android
  • Fooducate: snap a photo of a UPC label with this revolutionary app to see if a packaged food earns a healthy rating—or to find a more nutritious alternative. The best part of the Fooducate app is that it gives concise explanations along with a grading system that includes a GMO/non-GMO indicator developed by scientists, dietitians and concerned parents. This app also addresses the insight that the older we get the more we realize what foods make us feel good. Free for iPhone and Android
photo-127Non-GMO labeling
  • Pill Identifier: allows you to identify pills without labels, by searching through imprint, drug name, pill shape and color. Did you ever see the movie Old Dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta? Our favorite scene is when the kids mix up the pill boxes of the two Dads and they start experiencing side effects with hysterical results. Given our life stage, this app is one we need in our bag of tricks so we can double-check our medications.  $0.99 For iOS only but there is a Drugs.com app for Android.

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  • Calm.com: required for mom to restore her sanity after being awakened by the children screaming over the TV remote at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Many studies show that if we cut our stress level we will live longer. Currently, this app is only available for free on iOS but an android app should be coming soon 

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What apps do you use to keep yourself healthy and inspired?

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt