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Family video and photo memories are very important to moms so any App that makes the process easier is a winner! With the everyday balance of family chaos and work, we struggle to find time to create the family mementos that will be treasured forever.  An App that we use while waiting for soccer or lacrosse pickup is a real-time saver.

Share Videos with Family & Friends

Videos often collect dust on our iPhones because they are too big to upload to Youtube or email, so they just sit there – waiting for that magical day when we have time to configure and send to family and friends.

Joya, a free new iPhone App allows you to share one or more videos with friends and family regardless of file size. This means no more missed dance recitals, soccer games or school concerts. Within seconds, the video is in the hands of your friends and family without them having to download anything.  They just click on a URL and view the video.

Vlada and Michal Bortnik founded the App on the belief that everyone has a basic need to feel close and that feeling of closeness leads to living life joyfully. It is all about re-imagining what it means to ‘stay in touch’ by making it effortless for people to share life’s moments with those who matter most. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Joya App on your iPhone
  • Add contact information for your favorite people (cell or email) to your “favorites”
  • Connect to your iPhone library
  • Send one or multiple videos to your list of favorites
  • The recipient will receive a link via text or email, click it and watch it

Edit Photos to make everyone look fantastic:

Once you finish sending your videos with the Joya app, you can begin to “beautify” your photos with the free Photo Editor by Aviary for both iPhone and Androids.   Last week this App released new Focus and Warmth tool updates. What this means is that not only is it 50% faster, consumers can use “tilt shift” technology to create the illusion that some objects are a lot smaller than how they really seem. Also, the App features the ability to manage the color balance within a photograph.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 3.18.39 PMAviary Photo Editor

What we find revolutionary about Aviary is its cosmetic tools of fixing redeye, removing blemishes, whitening teeth and touching up wrinkles around the face and neck. We can remove mom’s stress lines and make her look the same as the day she married.

Both of these Apps are also excellent tools for when traveling on family vacation so the loved ones far away can feel included. What are your favorite Apps? Please let us know so we can highlight or what about guest blogging for us? We love to learn!

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