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Mom Do you know where wallet is?

Tech-Mommy: Money Saving Apps For Moms

Who has time to manage the family finances when you can barely get the dinner on the table? But given it is tax time, let’s take some time for focus on keeping a balanced budget with some money-saving Apps for moms. Although our government can’t get it together at least we moms can!  Luckily, now there are Apps to help us. Would you believe that in 2012 the App Market generated $30 billion in revenue and it did not exist just 5 years ago? (source:WordStream) So you know there are some great money-saving Apps out there to make life easier.

Here are our top five favorites (all free with both iOS and Android platforms):

  1. Save Smarter – Want to crack down on your spending and budgeting? We’re using Mint to sync our financial accounts and track balances, spending trends, and budget goals. With the resources of Intuit now behind it, we hope Mint will continue its revolutionary technology by developing fully featured financial management software
  2. Track credit card expense & rewards: Reward Summit App reports how much each of your credit cards will pay back in rewards and tracks your bonuses, cash back and expenses by household categories
  3. Practice food economics:  Food on the Table provides enough recipes to let you skip the drive-through window. Even better: it hooks in to deals on ingredients in your local stores and organizes your grocery list.  The App’s shoppers estimate they save $40 a month due to planning ahead and using the weekly sales at their grocery store
  4. File easily: SnapTax by TurboTax is super simple if you are only filing a W2. As the App walks you through each step of the preparation process, it also offers helpful tips for increasing the return. For more complicated family finances, other tablet or computer options are available. TurboTax sure beats paying $500-1,000 for an accountant
  5. Pay for College: Use Gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. With all the carpooling moms do, this App will allow you to save money that you can bank for college

What are some of your favorite tips for organizing the family finances? Please let us know and hope you survive tax season.