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Tech Insights: Apps to Help Busy Working Moms Organize

Managing family, work and life becomes quite complicated so moms must be very organized to keep it all together. Thank goodness we have so many Apps available to help busy working moms manage everyday life.

So here is our list of the Top 5 things that overwhelm moms and the free Apps that help them organize:
  1. Problem: writing thank you notes for kid’s birthday gifts, baby gifts, and life. SolutionRed Stamp is a life saver. While only iPhone capable, the simple App is a wonderful way to send cards through snail mail. Of course, you can send email notes with the App if you need, but we still believe old-fashioned cards are the best way to express your appreciation.
  2. Problem: Organizing and storing all your childrens’ artwork vs. piles of paper. Solution: Kidpix saves each of your childrens’ art in separate neat files (iPhone and Android). This App helps us avoid the one-two hour crying fit about why we threw away their precious school work. This wonderful tool has given our sanity back!
  3. Problem: Keeping track of key contacts for work, life, kiddie and mommy playdates. Solution: Card Munch takes a picture of business cards and turns them into a contact. This is pure time-saving magic from our favorite business networking site LinkedIn. We just wish the App would integrate the details into our contacts file vs. a separate database but c’est la vie.
  4. Problem: knowing about current affairs since we don’t have time to read the paper. SolutionPulse is a wonderful news aggregator or filter just like Walter Cronkite used to be. We long for the days when we could spend all afternoon lounging and reading the New York Times.
  5. Problem: Determining if a movie, website or TV show is age appropriate. Solution: The Common Sense media App makes life easier by listing programs by age appropriateness. This App really helps with quick decisions when you want to catch a Friday night movie last-minute. We used to spend a lot of time reading reviews and asking our mommy board of directors what entertainment was appropriate for our children. Now, we have another authority to quote when laying down the law that Identity Thief  is for adults.

What Apps are making your busy life easier? Please share!

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