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The Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone has become our best friend. As crazy busy soccer moms trying to balance it all, the amazing features of the phone allow us to manage everyday life and keep it simple.

Our smart phone “command center” helps us find our way through the chaos of three children and their often overwhelming schedules. It even keeps our 7-year-old occupied with her own Kids corner area–her personal section of games and Apps that we as parents feel comfortable approving.  She can even watch a movie on Netflix which bought us peace and quiet during our recent road trip to the Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans.

However, the most fantastic feature of this phone is its durability. Not only has it been tossed around by our boys while they argue over the best Nokia music, but it has survived the family laundry cycle. The phone recently endured both the washer and dryer in a high school soccer sweatshirt.

We had loaned the phone to our teen during an away soccer game on a rainy night since his phone was not properly charged.  When he arrived home after the mud wrestling, we were too busy cleaning up the trail he left in the kitchen as he disrobed on his way to the laundry room that we forgot to collect the phone. So of course, we were thorough as usual making sure everything went into the laundry right away.

The next morning after two hours of panic, we finally discovered the phone when we unloaded the dryer. To our amazement, we discovered our phone could still call, text and tweet!  Unfortunately, our daughter’s sweatshirt did not survive the crayons left in her pocket. Note to self: always check pockets no matter how messy the clothes.

Now, if only the incredible Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone could get our children to put their clean clothes away!

Suzanna Keith received the Nokia Windows Lumia 822 from Verizon Wireless for review: all opinions expressed here are her own.

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