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Super Bowl (3 February, 2013) ...

Super Bowl (3 February, 2013) … (Photo credit: marsmet481)

We are traveling to New Orleans and have searched high and low for Super Bowl Apps that are family friendly to help with the trip. What tech are you using for the big game? Last year, Forbes sang loudly about how the Super Bowl went high-tech with the NFL live streaming App on smartphones and the wide-spread integration of social media by advertisers. We even launched our blog last year with highlights of Super Bowl Tech. The 2013 Super Bowl will rank as the most tech savvy event yet. Since we know just enough about tech to be dangerous, we reviewed our experiences, analyzed the internet and plan to try the following Apps:

Travel and Planning Apps:

  • Gas Buddy: check out current gas prices, and find nearby gas stations. Only if they had more details on the facilities because we refuse to download the Charmin App. Can you guess its name? Our children would never stop laughing about that one.
  • Waze: we plan to try this free GPS App for navigating New Orleans
  • How about the Super Bowl team offers a family friendly GPS app on their site for all type of phones (Android & iPhone)? We studied the Map pdf online, but in a town you don’t know a GPS App becomes your best friend–especially with three rowdy children in the back seat shouting “are we there yet?” Luckily, we have friends in NOLA who advised us to take the 1-10 exit at Loyola avoiding the blocked stadium exit. Verizon offers an Android Super Bowl mobile guide so we plan to download to our Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone
  • Lodging:we booked the Sheraton New Orleans with the American Express Concierge but wouldn’t an App to reach them be easy!
  • Parking: Hard to find a handicapped spot–why not include in the Super Bowl GPS App?

Watching the Game Apps:

Keeping the kids amused Apps:

With elementary school aged school and even Teens you can be at the most exciting event in history and still they will tap you on the shoulder to say “mom I am bored”. So to keep the children amused while checking into the hotel or grabbing a bus, we will whip out our smart phones for the usual entertaining Apps:

We can’t wait to get to New Orleans and will be wearing our favorite UnderArmour at the NFL Experience and the Verizon Super Bowl Boulevard.

Can’t wait for Superbowl 2014 at the NJ Meadowlands!  

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