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Have you found any Revolutionary Fitness Apps to help us busy moms get our youthful figures back? Are you listening to all the Social Media Marketing on how new Fitness Apps can help you meet your weight loss goals?

Our favorite App is the Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker by MyFitnessPal. What makes this free App revolutionary is how it offers the largest food database of any calorie-counting App. The Tracker measures your daily calorie intake and exercise routine to make sure you manage your goals. Best of all, the App allows you to set up a support system with friends so you are never dieting alone.

Our hubbies invited us to a contest to get into shape. The App has become such an obsession that we had to reinforce the rule of “no electronics at the dinner table” rule with each other.

Great news is that even Consumer Reports has given my Fitness Pal rave reviews.  We love it because once you have entered your food intake and exercise for the day, the App tells you what weight level you can achieve in 5 weeks. It even tells you if you are dieting at unhealthy levels. Finding out what our real calorie intake has been eye-opening. We have learned that so far we are only on track to maintain our weight. Guess we need to stop sampling our children’s dinner every night! Would someone please invent an App to help us with this one!

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