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Fitness rules with family!

So what Tech devices, apps or websites do you use for your New Year’s Resolution to get in Shape? Every year getting into better shape ranks at top of our list as it does for most moms. Overall, we have done okay but we could always do better. As we get older and busier as our children grow, finding time to take care of ourselves becomes tough. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on the day, we entering an age bracket where the bikini may no longer be socially acceptable but we will play that one by ear.

Meanwhile, A recent study by the CEA showed that more than half of online consumers used some kind of fitness tech in the past year, and analysts at Forrester Research expect usage to increase from the low single-digit millions to 10 million by the end of 2013. (source:allthingsd.com)

One of our favorite tech tools is the Nike Fuelband. We have been wearing it since January 1st to aid with our mommy “get into shape” quest. The Nike Fuelband revolutionizes digital sports as a glorified step counter that allows integration with all  technology and social media incentivizing us to a new level of fitness. To support this “digital brand” Nike created an App for Facebook‘s “timeline” which allows users to compete against their friends and professional athletes to see who can accumulate the most points. We enjoy the social media because having a support group encouraging you to meet your goals— is a proven method to achieve your “weight” loss.

The Nike Fuelband can sure simplify life for moms. We wear it as we walk the children to and from school and while shopping at the grocery store. Now, only if the Fuelband contained the answers on how manage your husband, work, children and a yummy dinner …. let’s have some fun with this goal!

Tell us about your favorite fitness devices, apps, websites or just plain tech that inspires your routine!

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