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The Easy Bake Oven:the original inspiration for Moms!

Inspiration and creativity will continue to drive marketing for many industries in 2013. Luckily, social media is full of many ways to keep creativity flowing and New Year’s resolutions on track. 

We can’t believe that this month our blog will be one year old. With over 118 posts, we have explored a variety of topics from social media, to marketing to moms to the latest technology trends.  The goal of our blog was to give insights on revolutionary marketing trends and ideas.  So for the New Year, we would like your thoughts on our following analysis:

  1. What do our readers wantAfter a year of writing, we are at a crossroads. We would like to find how to best focus our blog to make it more useful and entertaining to our readers. In our marketing and advocacy work, we have found the most important way to develop strategic vision for any organization is to listen to its base–what do the people want and need? 
  2. How to keep creatively blogging? To be honest, we want to make sure that we can continue to find inspiration to write at least two times a week. Sometimes, we have written three blogs a week but lately we are pushing hard to write one.  As we all know, balancing family and work is always a challenge.  So as many great writers advise:  “write about your passions and what you know.”
  3. How do you find inspiration? We have been studying successful blogs, and bloggers to find out what spurs their creativity and focus.  At the end of this post, we listed some of the recent blogs that have provided inspiration. We would love to hear about how you find inspiration and focus in your life in the comment section below.
  4. How do you narrow focus? We would really like to know what type of topics you would prefer to be the focus of our Blog. Based upon some preliminary feedback, our tech, social media and marketing to mom topics have been the most compelling. A potential rebranding idea is: 

Revolutionary Marketing Ideas: Insights on motherhood, technology & travel from a mom marketer

Our goal would be to write two blogs a week with one on technology and one on travel with a sprinkling of posts on motherhood issues and reviews of Extraordinary women. Please let us know if you think this direction makes sense or if we need even more focus or unique content.

Happy New Year to you and your family!  We are really looking forward to new beginnings in ’13.

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