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Tablet advertising is evolving so quickly we can’t keep up.  The Apps are just amazing.  Per Adweek, 9,125 publication-related Apps were released for the iPad, twice the number released in the year-ago period, according to McPheters & Co.’s iMonitor app-tracking service.  The trend below about how the publication related App advertising looks like its print cousin is very interesting. Links are the most common enhancements. Advertisers are avoiding the bells and whistles and keeping it simple.

However, we must say that some of the advertising is a bit annoying. For example, when we watch Modern Family on our iPad we are required to watch a very sad ad from a drug company. We wish brand marketers would keep the ads simple and short.

These advertising trends should continue to optimize as Tablet sales grow. Tablets are tops on consumer’s holiday wish lists per Verizon recent survey of over 10,000 people.  Most families own multiple tablets these days since they make life easy with coordination of calendars, entertainment and general family life.

What tech item is on your wish list? What are you buying for your children and your spouse?


Adweek Tablet Advertising Trends

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