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Living the mobile life in our ever-changing world means being an early adopter of technological innovation.  In the struggle to balance family, life and career, we are always looking for ways to save a few more precious minutes to spend with our children. Technology that saves time sure rocks our world.

Looking for gift ideas for friends and family for the Holidays? The new Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 Windows Phone is the perfect gift for busy moms.  As crazy busy soccer moms with careers in social media, the Windows phone is exactly what the doctor ordered. We can manage carpools, multiple pickups, and even occupy our little ones with our new Verizon Windows command centers. Wow, how technology has revolutionized our lives.

Since time ranks as our most precious commodity, we do not have much patience to figure out the latest gadgets. Thank goodness, the new Nokia Windows phone is easy to set up and you can personalize it to “the max” which is something we have come to depend upon with our smartphones.   Making the categories or the “tiles” bigger on the large colorful screen really help us move quickly when putting out Client fires with countless important Apps and composing social media updates. Writing blogs has never been easier especially since the Microsoft Skydrive saves our Word and Powerpoint files as well as contacts and calendar information.

Verizon’s Data Sense which monitors your data usage on an App-by-App basis, and then compresses data to and from your phone makes life even simpler.   This App is so helpful because it alerts us if we go over our data allowance when our teens are suffering the web or the toddlers are watching videos. We can rapidly analyze and decide how much data we really need to balance our children’s happiness with our finances.

Another great fit for our lifestyle is the Kids Corner which allows your children to play on your phone without accidentally deleting vital  information.  We even can name the Kids Corner for each child. Their section can then be personalized with games and Apps that we as parents feel comfortable approving.  They can watch a fun movie on Netflix which buys time in the car, at the soccer game or on an airplane. We also had a blast creating a fun playlist from Nokia’s fantastic custom music. Also, the Kids Corner provided a new way to dance around the daily pestering of why the children can’t have their own cell phone until 6th grade. Why do they need a cell phone when they have their own private place on mommy’s phone?  They don’t have to worry about losing it when mommy can carry it for them in her purse (with their crayons, artwork, rocks, feathers and other misc items discovered about town).

All these fantastic features combined with the reliable Verizon Wireless coverage make our mobile life so much easier and productive. We are loving the Windows Phone, but Verizon wants to hear what you think:

“Tis the season to be sharing your holiday habits with Verizon Insider. And since we know you love the holidays, tech and info graphics, they’ve decided to combine all three into on package of holiday goodness. There’s just one hitch…they want to know how you use tech during the holidays. Share that, and a nice info graphic will be sent merrily along your way. Take the survey on www.verizoninsider.com/survey.”

Suzanna Keith received the Nokia Windows Lumia 822 from Verizon Wireless for review: all opinions expressed here are her own.

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