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Yesterday, we really enjoyed bonding with our children while watching Saturday Morning Slam. After a yummy breakfast, we cuddled on the couch ready for the next WWE adventure.

We loved how Rey Mysterio highlighted “WWE’s Tribute to Troops“. The boys can’t wait to watch this year’s event which will be the 10th anniversary celebration taking place in Norfolk, VA in December. Rey’s clip provided the opportunity for a family discussion on how so many men and women work very hard to keep our country safe and free. We emphasized how “right now” our military is assisting with #Hurricane Sandy recovery on the East Coast.  Given all the Military does for us, America must always salute our our brave soldiers.  We so appreciate the precious teaching moments provided by the WWE to stress the importance of helping others and promoting good citizenship.

At the end of the show, Dolph Ziggler jazzed it up as master of ceremonies of the Brodus Clay match vs. Cody Rhodes. The tumble rumble amused the boys immensely. What a perfect episode–a wonderful lesson followed by some good old dancing fun.

During SummerSlam this past August, we had a blast meeting both Dolph and Brodus.  Both Superstars gave a wonderful shout-out to #WWEmoms stressing how WWE provides PG family friendly entertainment. Their messages fit really well with the family friendly theme of Saturday Morning Slam!

Suzanna Keith receives compensation from the WWE for certain promotional campaigns. The above opinions are her own.