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The sideline view of a Social Media Soccer Mom  

We don’t understand why Soccer moms get such a bad reputation! Maybe we are a bit harried with two to three games per day on the weekend and managing multiple children at events.  Then, we have the extra angles of a little one who wants to play on the playground with a tween who is always bored. Plus, we have to mention the inconvenience that most soccer fields don’t have nearby bathrooms and the ones that do …….are pretty disgusting. You know that no matter how much you ask before you leave the house the odds are in favor that one of the children will need the bathroom desperately minutes before the game starts or right before a key corner kick.

So how do Soccer moms survive this chaos? We navigate the rough seas by multi-tasking with our technology. Consistent wireless service is a must. Thank goodness we can manage carpools, multiple pickups and even occupy our little one with our Verizon mobile devices.  We must be ready for last-minute pickups, weather changes or school emergencies at a minute’s notice. Sports leagues expect us to constantly man our emails and text messages just in case we need to bring “the home and the away” uniforms.

And of course, we have to squeeze in our work schedule into the already overcrowded day that is often not our own. Sometimes we have to crank out a proposal while watching in the stands. Our Verizon “hotspot” powers our laptop anywhere and anytime while making us look like we are on top of our game. Keeping the clients happy is key. Shhh! Don’t give away our secrets.

Making sure that multiple children are happy and quiet during the game is quite a chore. Thank goodness, Verizon wireless now offers great movies and Disney reruns so Soccer Moms can have a mobile entertainment command center on the sidelines.   What a life saver! Since the other children are occupied, we can focus on perfecting photos and videos from our cell phones. We are still working on the best action photo timing so any advice is welcome (the above photo as an example). Finally, Verizon can even manage your home security from the bench now,  but too bad it can’t have dinner ready when we arrive home.