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Last Friday, our ten-year old son dressed up as John Cena in the local elementary school’s story book parade. The teachers asked each child to dress up like a hero from his or her favorite book and carry the book in the school’s annual costume parade. From the photo above, you can see that our son proudly carried  “the Ultimate Guide to WWE”. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, you can tell this book is truly loved from its ragged ear edges. Our Son has read the book from cover to cover millions of times memorizing the fun details about his favorite stars.

Our son named John Cena his hero because of Cena’s great work to stomp out bullying and help us all get along. Very committed to the WWE Be-A-Star anti-bullying campaign, Cena is not just a voice for the cause, he also says he was a victim. According the former WWE Heavyweight champion, he was bullied as a child because he wore hip-hop clothing and played rap music in a town where it wasn’t popular. He started lifting weights to protect himself.

The topic of bullying is very relevant during Halloween because many use masks as an opportunity to make fun of others. This holiday is the perfect time to discuss with our children appropriate behavior and how to handle bullying. Bullying behavior can be in person or on the internet. Halloween masks also remind us of cyber bullying because many people use social media to disguise themselves and say things that hurt others. Our children must be armed with the tools to handle both in person and cyber attacks.

John Cena also speaks out strongly against cyber bullying. “The introduction of social media pretty much gives everyone a voice, but unfortunately, people choose to use that voice in a negative way,” Cena said in a recent CBS news article (cited below). There’s a lot of negative stuff out there and some of it is personal,” he said. “When you’re a kid that feels that everything is coming down on you, you can look and see that this truly does happen to everybody.” We talked to our children about John Cena’s bullying experiences and it gave them confidence and courage. Now, we have great appreciation for the WWE and its be A Star Campaign.

Join the #WWEmoms on Tuesday, October 29th at 9pm EST for a Twitter chat and let us know your thoughts on the be a Star Campaign and WWE’s PG family friendly entrainment. In addition, check out the WWE’s support of Breast Cancer this month. Can’t wait for RAW! Who is your family rooting for?

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Suzanna Keith receives compensation from the WWE for certain promotional campaigns. The above opinions are her own.