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When we first met Michele Howe Clarke, she was only a teenager, but she possessed a true zest for living. Brilliant, compassionate and loads of fun, Michele lit up any room. As an adult, she seized all that life could give her with an amazing career in investment banking, a wonderful husband and a new baby.

In an instant, Michele’s perfect life changed with the devastating diagnosis of advanced head and neck cancer. Nothing could have prepared her for the life and death battle, yet she worked a miracle and came out victorious! Self-pity was short-lived for this brave young woman. Not to say she didn’t feel these emotions and more, but the road to self-pity was not a choice that inspired her.

Michele is truly extraordinary in her transformation from a survivor of disfiguring cancer to a life striver who inspires others to find greatness in their souls. Her revolutionary book Face Forward chronicles her journey sharing crucial insights on how we can triumph over any challenge.

In the book, Michele provides readers with the tools to take back control, focus their power, meet challenges head on in times of trouble, and celebrate every day in order to get the life they always wanted.  She is the epitome of inspiration in her encouragement to others to “Set your vibration to thrive and tune into your best life ever!”

Not only does Michele provide helpful hints everyday on her website, she enjoys touring the tri-state area inspiring others with her story.  Click here to check out her website for her upcoming speaking engagements and click here to purchase her book on Amazon. We truly believe that Michele’s riveting book and inspirational website can help you no matter what you are facing! Her words have helped us find peace with our recent move across the country.