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By now, most Moms have settled into their back to school routines but this fall’s season was busier than ever. Struggling to balance it all, moms are searching for tools to keep the transition smooth and less stressful. Given this dynamic, trends show that mobile devices and their ability to rapidly connect to social media are helping moms manage their daily lives more than ever.

  • 85% of moms who have smartphones said they helped make back to school less stressful (EMI survey 8/12)
  • Nearly 9 out 10 said having a smartphone makes being a mom easier (EMI 8/12)
  • 50% of moms participate in social media via their smartphones in comparison to women in general or the general population (Nielsen 8/12)
  • 55% of women are more likely to purchase from brands they interact with on social media (Mashable).
  • 1 in 5 moms use their smartphone to shop on-line ( EMI 8/12)

This fall, Twitter and Facebook helped us to research new brands that our children wanted for back to school supplies. Then, we used our Verizon iphone to map out store locations and plan our shopping lists. My husband loved trying new retailer shopping Apps. Obviously, our experience is not unique.

The key learning from the Back to School retailer season with estimated sales of over $83.8Billion (NFR survey) is that Brands need to design creative campaigns to engage moms both in social media and on their mobile devices. This is especially important for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As marketers, let’s never forget a mom’s role as a strong brand influencer. Why not speak to her about ways to help her “balance it all” or make life easier? This holiday season could be a great time to experiment with new social media and mobile strategies.

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