Moving to Texas was a very big change for our family especially after 23 years in the New York City area. Experts claim that moving is one of the most stressful events in life. On top of this, one of the most important issues when any family moves is figuring out how to keep young children safe in a new house, neighborhood and school. Having reliable wireless phone service in case of an emergency is critical.   Thankfully, we found that Verizon Wireless has the same great coverage in the suburbs of Houston, TX as it does in NY. We so appreciated that we able to keep our same service provider when everything else in our lives had to change.

Why is it that with any move, it takes forever to get land phone and cable service set up? Luckily, our Verizon Hotspot powered our computers for the first two weeks helping us to actually research and set up the local providers. While managing this struggle, we really worried about how long it would take to get land phone service because our new house has a pool.  Our children are good swimmers,  but we must always be cautious no matter what. We keep our cell phones with us at all times and are able to relax knowing that Verizon will give us great reception if needed. We also make sure our children know where our cell phones are —just in case.

As our children grow, keeping them safe extends beyond our house. Our oldest son is a freshman at the local magnate high school quite a distance away so we signed up for the Verizon Family Locator service. For a very low monthly fee, we can find our son at a moment’s notice.  We also love to use the My Verizon Mobile App to keep up with who is calling our teen and his text and data usage. The information from this App allows us to have important conversations with our son about protecting himself in our ever-changing technological world. Meanwhile, he is happy to have a hip high-tech phone with alarm and flashlight apps that help get him of bed at the crack of dawn.

We are so pleased with how Verizon eases the stress of worrying about our children’s safety, that we are even contemplating adding a smart phone for our 9-year-old son who often walks home from school alone. Given that the new Verizon Share Everything Plan makes our phones much more affordable and easier to manage, the timing could be right. Having the peace of mind that we have the mobile tools to keep our children safe, is a vital requirement for a super busy Mom trying to balance it all. We always need one less thing to worry about with our chaotic schedules…