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Only two days to the Olympics and counting. We can’t wait for the opening ceremony on Friday night.  To celebrate the Games, P&G just introduced another ad campaign celebrating Moms on Facebook. This campaign continues the same appreciation of moms as the Mother’s Day spot. Moms do have the most important job in the world and can never be thanked enough.

Meanwhile, the Olympics will be a gold mine for brands like P&G. Per Adweek, the Olympics with generate $6-7Billion in sponsorships and advertising revenue. NBC’s Beijing Games was the very definition of a blockbuster, averaging 27.7 million viewers over 17 nights of prime-time deliveries with London expected to do the same. So how do Brand marketers measure  a successful campaign with an Olympic sponsorship?

As reported in PR Daily (see below) by Sophie Woodrooffe: “A 2010 case study published in the Journal of Managing and Marketing Research found that sponsor-event fit and brand equity were the most important factors when measuring the long-term financial success of brand sponsors, and that so long as those factors are in place, sports sponsorship remains lucrative.

That’s especially true for high-profile international events like the Olympics, which have long been considered the Holy Grail for brands. The event tends to have a “halo effect” and brand sponsors bask in those good-vibes associations.

But as Mary Lou Costa argues in a 2011 Marketing Week article, the halo effect can go both ways: People often assume popular brands are affiliated with international events.”

Social media can further set olympic sponsorship campaigns on fire by generating millions of impressions prior, during and after the event similar to the techniques used during the Super Bowl and the Oscars.

So what brands will emerge victorious other than P&G? We have also been enjoying watching Nike, Adidas and Citibank market around their sponsorship by maximizing social media. Citibank’s vignettes on Facebook highlighting different athletes are fantastic. We can’t wait to watch all the brands compete and analyze the post trends.

Watch for our tweets during the opening ceremony on Friday night! Enjoy the games and Go USA!

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