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Our Dear friend Annabel Monaghan has become quite the accomplished author just publishing another book  “A Girl Named Digit”. What makes her extraordinary is this is the 2nd book she has written that will inspire and empower our daughters while she is the mother of three boys! Building the confidence of our girls is critical to their happiness and success in life as well as our society in general.

Annabel co-wrote her first book for girls “Click! The Girl’s Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making it Happen” with another extraordinary woman and Rye resident, Elisabeth Wolfe, in 2007.   “Click!” is based on the concept that what you give is what you get: good thoughts out, good things in. Too many bad thoughts out, and you’ve lost before you even tried. The books aims to guide girls in making the team, getting better grades and having a happier social life through setting positive goals. “Click” even includes exercises and a journal to help keep teens focused.

Her 2nd book “A Girl Named Digit” is fiction for children 12 and older but primarily appeals to girls. Digit is a math genius. But, She’s also a 17-year-old girl who wants to fit in and who’s finally found a group to embrace her. She’s managed to score a spot in the “in” crowd by basically agreeing with what everyone else says on every topic and keeping her gift a huge secret. Digit’s story is really about her coming to terms with who she really is and following her passion for math which includes breaking a code for the FBI to stop an act of eco-terrorism. Digit’s journey also develops into a love story making the book a fun read for Moms too.

Annabel’s hope is that one or two readers will see themselves in Digit, and acknowledge the gift or passion that they might be hiding from too. We love this vision and can’t wait until our daughter is old enough for the great read! Check it out and spread the good word about Annabel Monaghan the extraordinary woman whose books empower our daughters.