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Before we bought the iPhone, we thoroughly analyzed and researched our options with our board of directors: fellow moms (our Just Ask A Woman Philosophy). We reached out to over 50 friends over the course of three months and asked them which smart phones are the best for manning their careers, families and homes.

  • 75% of our board members/friends have iPhones and felt the key benefits were:
    • They like having Siri however, 30% still have to figure out how to use it
    • iCalendar and contacts are easy to manage and to help organize the family
    • They love that their iTunes are so accessible that they can listen to their “mommy” music (preferably the 80’s instead of Radio Disney all day)
    • They enjoy the many Apps to help them to get directions, assist with shopping,   MasterCard ‘s finding an ATM, free mobile games to occupy little children, the American Express Synch Shopping app, and the new Nike fuel app
    • One girlfriend emphasized “how did we ever find our way around a new city before without the Iphone gps?”
    • Another friend bought a key pad for her iphone to make typing easier
    • Everyone loves the option of the one-on-one training that both Mac and Verizon offer
    • The Momarazzi’s  claim that the iPhone takes amazing pictures, and video. The photo sharing options can’t be beat

So why did we ultimately switch from T-Mobile Blackberry to Verizon Wireless iPhone:

  • With the move to Houston we wanted all our technology to synch with the Macs.
  • Verizon has amazing nationwide coverage
  • The Verizon iPhone “personal” hotspot is absolutely amazing and powered my and our son’s Mac laptop as we traveled cross county
  • It is exciting that there are so many more fun tricks to master
  • Finally, we also like Verizon since they give back by empowering domestic violence victims through their Hopeline Charity
  • Any hints on how to navigate the iPhone better, let us know.