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facebook engancha

facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So not only did Facebook have a disastrous public offering but Reueters & Ipsos then announced a study that “4 out of 5 people claimed that they never purchased a product advertised on Facebook”.  Interestingly, we first saw the study announced on Twitter and then heard about it on CBS News Radio 88. Then, yesterday, ComScore released a study stating that advertising does work based upon the number of “likes” clicked (link below).

However, we would love to see how these studies breaks by age and by sex. Since P&G still maintains a large presence on Facebook, we are willing to bet money that women and more importantly Moms might be the exception to the rule. I know lots of Dads on Facebook but we have to consider the economic reality that women are now making 85% of the Household purchases and even 78% of car purchases (Blog Her).  This Father’s day weekend we bet Moms make almost of 100% of the purchases. Given the rise of social media, we would love to learn what % of Father’s Day gifts sold are tech and social media related.

Meanwhile, the return on investment with Social Media is still something we are all trying to analyze. To many companies it is now a critical part of the marketing mix “like the brochure wear” websites that often introduced brands to the web “not so many moons ago”.

But, we can’t ignore that so many Brands continue to use Facebook for major product launches. Nike used Facebook for the introductions its new Nike Fuel band which allows consumers to track their workouts and feed to their favorite social media. Lance Armstrong is even offering a competition to jump-start the new Brand.  BTW, the Nike Fuel Band is a great gift for Father’s Day. I plan to pair it with batteries for my husband’s Timex watch and some fun Under Armour Workout gear. More soon on how the Nike Fuel band really works and how its success plays out with the Facebook wars.

Happy Father’s Day!

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