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Our dear friend Mark DiMassimo, CEO/Chief Creative Officer of DIGO advertising, and his partner Lee Goldstein, President, starred in the AMC reality show The Pitch last Sunday night.  Having worked with Mark on his amazing environmental project Tappening (which encourages Americans to drink tap water vs. bottled ) and then pitching Mark innovative media products, we enjoyed watching him work his magic. Mark started his agency with the goal of inspiring greatness and audiences worldwide can now witness DIGO’s creative excellence on AMC.

Chris Burch, the founder of C. Wonder pitted an all female advertising agency WOMANK!ND against DIGO.  Offering clothing, accessories and home decor, C. Wonder has 4 stores in New York and plans to expand worldwide. What makes the brand extraordinary is that the store allows women to relax and take a moment for themselves while shopping.

We loved how Mark finessed that he could sell to women because his Mother’s parents ran a beauty salon and his grandpa designed clothes for working women. Meanwhile, the assignment became tough when Mr. Burch gave a very abbreviated briefing on the brand.  Conflict at both agencies ensued over how best to create a campaign around a limited briefing.

Let’s applaud DIGO for their clear understanding of the client’s needs. Their team created a revolutionary message with a single focused idea: “C. Wonder, a great mood that can change the world”. Chris Burch loved the concept and chose DIGO as C.Wonder’s new agency.

This tag line reminds us of a favorite quote by Margaret Mead, US Anthropologist, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. 

This quote fits Mark, Lee and their DIGO team who deserve congratulations on their big win. Here’s to looking forward to a revolutionary ad campaign for the extraordinary brand C. Wonder.

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