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Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney at 5/15 Dump the Dump Rally

Time comes in our lives where we have the opportunity to stand up and reach for greatness but these moments can be fleeting if we don’t seize them quickly. Being a mother is one of the greatest jobs in the world. Keeping our children healthy, safe and happy is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. More importantly, we also possess the true gift to teach our children the importance of making a difference in the lives of others. So, sometimes we have to seize the moment to protect the health and safety of our children and those of mothers less fortunate. In fact, these are the God-given rights that Democracy’s founders promised: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So calling all New York City moms who live in Yorkville, East Harlem, those whose children attend one of the 45 public and private schools in the Yorkville area and all moms NATIONWIDE who have used or will use  La Guardia Airport—-We must stand up to fight against the massive 10-story Garbage Marine Transfer Station (MTS) that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn want to build at Asphalt Green at 91st street and the East River. We must object to why is the safety of fellow moms & children being threatened?

Some of the many safety concerns for NYC children are:

  • Unsafe streets for children: Up to 500 garbage trucks barreling through Asphalt Green which serves more than one million visitors each year, including thousands of children
  • Toxic trash: 5,280 tons of trash EACH DAY 
(that’s 31,680 tons of garbage for a 6-day week) near the children at the 45 neighborhood public and private schools
  • Dangerous idling: On the proposed dump’s entrance ramp which allows over 19 idling garbage trucks in East Harlem which already has the highest asthma rate in NYC.
  • Flight Risks: Attraction of more birds that can cause plane accidents. Remember Capt Sully saving his plane? He has been speaking out on NBC about how the new dump could cause even a greater likelihood of accidents to happen. 
  • Economic Peril: Why does New York City really needs to spend a quarter of billion dollars on this dump in this tough economy? And why is this the only one in a residential neighborhood?  Why are moms and children being punished?

Join the fight by showing your support at the free concert on June 1st

Come make your voice be heard by attending the free concert on June 1st at 90th and York Streets from 5-7pm featuring Film and TV star Caroline Sunshine along with a variety of exciting musical guests and local politicians organized by Residents for Sane Trash. The first 1,000 guests will receive “Dump the Dump” t-shirts.  

Residents for Sane Trash Solutions is an 501© (4) that advocates for Northern Manhattan communities and citizens.  Follow at SaneTrash.org  on Facebook and Twitter at @RFSTS_Org and #SaneTrash. Join us for a pre-concert Twitter chat on Thursday at noon EST with more details soon. If you can’t attend the concert you can donate to the cause or even write a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn.