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As mentioned in earlier blogs, one of the reasons we enjoy watching the WWE with our children is that viewing the shows together allows for the opportunity to dialogue about important topics.  One of the big lessons from Wrestlemania when John Cena lost   (and even his recent adventures) was good sportsmanship or the importance of being a good loser. Realistically in life we lose more than we win and that is what makes winning so special. However, we have to keep on going back into the ring with our hearts filled with hope for the chance to win the big prize. Last year, our oldest son was cut from the basketball team and the baseball team try-outs.  We had fun talking about John Cena’s and Seamus’s experiences of losing and making apologizes in the ring. Afterwards, our son jumped back in and made the middle school baseball team.  We love how discussing the WWE provides these important life lessons and actually makes us seem kind of cool as well.

The WWE also exhibits a tremendous amount of compassion with its super stars willingness to help others such as the be a STAR program, the WWE Literacy program and the royal treatment they give the military.  I remember watching the WWE with my brother  who is now a former Marine officer. He really appreciates the work of the WWE and we even discussed it when he told me about his latest venture: he and several other marines spend their weekends sawing trees to help with Torando cleanup in Huntsville, AL. The WWE inspired my brother at a young age that being a warrior no matter what type—- is always an honor.

Click on this link to see their wonderful work: tornado-relief-group-saw-team-six-logs-over-3000-hours-of-service-in-year-after-april-27th

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