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London Wheel - London

London Wheel – London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

A study in the Guardian in February proved that emailing and tweeting are more addictive than smoking and alcohol. The media responses release endorphins in the brain. That is why teens will often stay up all night texting and investment bankers trade till the wee hours. In fact, “the London whale” moved the stock market the wrong way contributing to over a Billion loss that JP Morgan in some serious hot water last week.

So does this make our smart phones and computers addictive–hell yea!

Last week, we swore off emailing, texting and social media for a whole week. How sad was it that it was really really hard not to check for the latest email, text, twitter, Facebook and blog.  We knew there was a problem when a friend asked if we ever stopped blogging.

The result of the week: less stress, shoulder pain and the realization that we didn’t miss a thing!

Meanwhile, Social media is struggling to find its place in the marketing mix by delivering a real return on investment. Facebook’s IPO did sputter a bit and during the offering GM pulled its advertising. Meanwhile, we are still closely monitoring how P&G uses the social media since they have a marketing mix model and their CMO stated that Facebook had proved its value. Love to hear your thoughts on this market implications….