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Photo credit: Rye Record

Given all the wonderful Earth Day celebrations happening in our community last week, we have to salute the amazing women who made it all happen. As Chair of the Sustainability committee, Sara Goddard led the charge with the help of Annalise Stack, Melissa Brown-Grieco, Birgit Townley and Gretchen Crowley. These women are extraordinary leaders because they took their vision of encouraging reusable bags vs. plastic bags and got a law passed in Rye, NY, the first ever in Westchester County NY. This success stemmed from their excellent financial analysis, best practice case studies and mom-mobilization to support the cause.   Moreover, the ban has no cost to the tax payer and the local businesses have plenty of time to phase in affordable and eco-friendly options.

Not only did this fantastic team led by Sara Goddard research similar public policies across the nation but also they went door to door to merchants in town to educate and answer questions about the upcoming law starting May 7th.

These women are part of the Rye Sustainability team that is revolutionizing the way we think about our environment by building a long-term plan with the theme “Go Green to Save Green”.  We can’t wait to read the plan that Sara has started writing and celebrate the great legacy that she and the team will create. Also, thanks to the Rye Chamber, Suzanne Clary, Jay Heritage, and the rest of the Sustainability team for all their great work! Christine Korduba is working on a webpage launching soon.

Finally to Sara & these amazing women–Thank you for the Extraordinary Inspiration!

Check out our TV show about the great work: click on the numbered link below


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