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P&G has introduced another moving ad for its Olympic sponsorship campaign to Moms. The first one for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010 made us cry.  With imagery perfect for Mother’s Day, the 2nd spot for this summer’s London Olympics pulls our heart-strings yet again. This ad is revolutionary because it builds on the insight that moms love nothing more in the world than watching their babies grow up to their greatest potential.  To moms, being extraordinary can mean becoming an Olympian or just being a good person who smiles at his or her neighbor every day. But, we love our babies regardless of their level of success and love them more than anything in the world. Raising competitive ski racers in our family, we have tasted the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. For Moms, these emotions magnify by 200%, but we still have to stay level-headed to teach the important lessons of good sports-manship and doing your best no matter what.

P&G is also using the power of social media to support its efforts. Last night, we found the Ad on Facebook. We know from our research that P&G is including social media in their marketing mix model. So given its use in this campaign, they must have achieved strong results so far. The strategic question for P&G’s portfolio of Brands is : will “the call to action” be strong enough to drive our marketing insight of the importance of “the mobilization of moms”.  “Mobilization of moms” can make or break a Brand (like Malcolm Gladwell’s maven and connectors driving purchase intent).  Our revolutionary thesis is that we believe moms mobilize through social media and word of mouth in their communities to create products & programs that improves the lives of their families especially in this tough economy.  This trend has led to “the rise of the mommy bloggers”.

Thanks to P&G for recognizing that Moms do really have the best job in the world! Being a Mom is truly extraordinary!  Happy Mother’s Day and Go USA!

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