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The Lorax by Dr. Seuss sets the stage for Earth Day on April 22nd. We enjoyed the Lorax exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo so much that we had to include the above photo in a Happy Earth day blog.  Speaking of Earth Day celebrations, The Mayors, City Council and Police Departments of Rye, Mamaroneck and Larchmont are co-sponsoring “Share the Air” a No-Idling initiative on Monday, April 23rd. The Police and the Sustainability teams created a wonderful awareness campaign including signage around our area and “take home activity” contests for our local schools.

Did you know that in 2 minutes an idling car consumes approximately the same gas as traveling 1 mile and that idling emissions are hazardous to health, especially that of children? Let’s obey the law, help the environment, protect our children’s health and save money and gas by not idling. Thanks to our Rye City sustainability team for all their efforts and kudos to them for the EPA award for the Reusable bag campaign and the Plastic bag legislation (starts in May).

Happy Earth day!

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