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Nike tries a new approach with its marketing to women: a short movie and karaoke offering.  During our young and hard-core running days, we could barely move vs. sing.  When we ran the 1995 New York City marathon, friends carried us over the finish line.  But, back then Nike didn’t sell the hot pink shoes from the ad which would have made all the difference with the Rocky song at the finish line.

We love the female empowerment angle of the young woman running to rescue her love similar to the recent movie Mirror Mirror, the latest version of Snow White. Per Adweek‘s Rebecca Cullers, “Sometimes I get a little tired of fake girl power, but I can’t deny it works. And it works amazingly well with the female audience who will no doubt greatly enjoy this new Nike Spot from Wieden+ Kennedy, in which a chick in little pink shoes runs across the country for love.”   Taking it a step further, we truly believe our nations needs more positive role models for our daughters. So if we can’t get it together to elect a female president why not have strong runners. Thanks Nike for a fun campaign!

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