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We blogged about Amex’s new Synching App to find savings a few weeks ago. The “Apple of Financial Services” now has introduced a campaign to further push the App.  Amex’s new membership effect ad calls consumers to action: “to get with it” with social media by one of the kings of social media Aziz Ansari.  You can Synch your Amex with Facebook, Four square and Twitter to find savings…   Amex has invested heavily in its social media over the last few years. This campaign provides solid advertising to match.

Per Adweek “Ansari is the perfect choice for this new role. He’s young and hip and funny and has a giant social-media following (1.7 million followers on Twitter)—a great candidate to pitch the Sync service, which offers discounts to card members who sync up their social-media accounts with AmEx and then mention AmEx in their posts—with custom hashtags, etc. (Its “Link, Like, Love” app, promoted in the new spot, lets a user access deals based on brands that he or she “likes” on Facebook.) As always in spots like these, there’s a tension between keeping the narrative amusing and pitching the product features—but it’s managed more than adequately. Ansari even manages to make the potentially queasy stalker-ish aspect of the spot seem innocuous, even charming.”

While the ad does not directly target moms, we do find great appeal in the opportunity to simplify our lives with an App that makes shopping faster and easier. Like our friend Robyn Wright of @Robyn’sWorld says “technology is now part of every day life and needs to be embraced”. Let’s allow technology to revolutionize our lives together and enjoy the ride.

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