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Can learning math be fun for every child?  We have found the perfect app to help kids practice their basic skills while having fun.  Math Evolve is an innovative educational app that helps kids practice multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction within a beautiful and interactive game. Math Evolve seamlessly blends math practice with a video game to produce an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience for kids ages 6 and up. Kids love Math Evolve, and they will be having so much fun that they will happily practice math for hours.

The app was recently nominated for Best Educational Game of 2011 in the Best App Ever Awards, and is also being used in the classroom by students and teachers.  The game’s creator Adam Coccari, is an elementary schoolteacher and math instructor. After teaching fourth and sixth grade for a few years, Adam became inspired to create a more fun and engaging way to help kids practice their math fluency. Along with the art teacher at his school, he launched InterAction Education with the mission of making games that are fun, inspiring, and educational for kids of all ages.

We told our children (13, 9 and 6) this is an app that we would pay for (only $1.99) and they could play everyday However, we are still tempted to do our best discus throw with the ipod touches.

You can get Math Evolve on the App Store here: http://bit.ly/uH4KTD

There is also a Lite version so you can try Math Evolve for free.