Another brilliant article from Adweek that we just had to copy directly because it shows interesting trends on the most Tweeted entertainment. We would love to see how the Super Bowl, the Oscars (or Angelina’s leg) and NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament rank.  Another compelling point shows the highest performing hashtags and how they compare to program rating.  A great impression/awareness measure to input into a marketing mix model to determine ROI or should we consider twitter —a completely new way to rate TV?

Data Points: Social Commentary

Which TV shows are getting the most mention on Twitter?
Below, SocialGuide Intelligence’s snapshot taken over two days in February

Chances are if you’re an avid TV viewer, you’ve tweeted about a show at some point. SocialGuide Intelligence, one of a growing number of companies tracking social response to TV content, examined tweets related to 213 channels over a two-day period to see where the action was. Looking at shows by genre, reality TV was the most active, receiving 19 percent of all comments. Series were the most-tweeted program type, receiving more than half the comments, which is in keeping with the volume of programs they represent. But no one tops sports fans for tweeting activity: Sports events accounted for 37 percent of comments, despite representing just 3 percent of program volume.

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro