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Pat Dealy, CEO. Chef David Burke. Liz Dowling, VP Marketing 
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12NtM Sparkling Beverages  a Chef-Crafted beverage

David Burke, one of the pioneers in American cooking, founder of David Burke Townhouse in Manhattan and seven other restaurants, is the spokesperson, chief cheerleader and tastemaker for 12NtM Sparkling Beverages.  Chef Burke, noted for his imaginative use of fresh, local ingredients and for his highly developed sense of whimsy, helped develop the recipes for both 12NtM flavors and is in the process of finishing the formula for the third and newest flavor.

Why a chef-crafted beverage?  We created 12NtM Sparkling Beverages as an accompaniment to great food, as well as an all-natural refresher by itself.  To quote Chef Burke, “12NtM (stands for Noon to Midnight) brings out the very best in whatever you’re serving and is so much more appropriate than a diet soda or iced tea.  There are over 60 ingredients in every bottle and that makes 12NtM rich and complex.”  Chef Burke serves 12NtM at his restaurants, and is an advocate for it in other fine restaurants and for use at home.

12NtM Sparkling Beverages are currently available in two crisp, refreshing flavors, Blanc (citrus-ginger) and Rouge (pomegranate-black currant).  They contain no sugar, high fructose corn syrup or any artificial sweeteners and are also low in calorie.  Premium spices such as bergamot, cardamom and black pepper add a depth and warm spicy flavor.  Specialty fruits like plum, lemon, juniper berry and orange sweeten the beverages naturally.  Packaged in a modern, frosted bottle, 12NtM Sparkling Beverages are worthy of a place at the finest table.

12NtM Sparkling Beverages are currently available in a 750ml bottle and will launch a new 187ml size in Summer 2012.  Growing popularity is reflected in its expanding distribution at retailers including Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Balducci’s, Zabar’s, Eli’s and D’Agostino. Check them out on the Web, Facebook, and Twitter.

Guest Author: Liz Dowling