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Last year, we took clients the Big East at Madison Square garden which was quite the spectacle.  The crowd seemed to be comprised over 40,000 men and only ten or so women. Meanwhile, watching grown men cry when Syracuse lost presented a very interesting window into the male sports psyche. Men are truly connected to their sports teams in unique ways.

This may explain why workplace productivity will be lost during the tourney. American workers were projected to spend a total of almost 8.4 million hours watching March Madness games online at work last year, up 20% from the previous year. This year, CBSSports.com features free streaming on mobile devices as well as web so the number could double given the success of the Super Bowl live streaming.  The first round games featured primarily male oriented advertising such as Craftsman, Allstate (chaos man), Infiniti, Miller, Chevy Mailbu, Gillette and Dove for men with Shaquile O’Neal. Several brands like Etrade and Coke recycled their Super Bowl creative.  After the game, we will search for more stats on actual viewership of the championships. However, for advertisers the Final Four could be an excellent way to catch the young light tv viewers who live for their mobile social media. We can’t wait to measure any revolutionary programs and their ROI.