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Per Stuart Elliot of the New York Times, Method introduces an innovative ad campaign today that incorporates the 360 degree approach of surrounding moms with social media.

“Method is known for offbeat ads for its line of eco-friendly, chicly designed household products, using slogans like “People against dirty” and “For the love of clean,” and this batch may be the quirkiest yet”.

Method’s goal is to create a safe household environment with green cleaning products. This brand has revolutionized the household cleaning aisle with its  “eco-Friendly” mission, unique advertising, beautiful packaging, and grass-roots marketing.  We find Method’s pricing competitive vs other green brands. Overall, We often buy the brand because it works well and creates a safe environment for our children to grow and flourish.  Like Method on Facebook to “clean happy” http://www.facebook.com/method  and let us know what products do you recommend or use?