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Nike+ Fuelband LA Launch Event - Sofia Boutella

Nike+ Fuelband LA Launch Event - Sofia Boutella (Photo credit: PopCultureGeek.com)

Nike has become a tech company given its extensive and explosive Fuelband product launch at South by Southwest this week. Both www.Digiday.com and Adweek highlighted the new technology yesterday. The Nike Fuelband revolutionizes “digital sports” with a glorified step counter that allows integration with all your technology and social media incentivizing us to a new level of fitness. To support this “digital brand”, Nike recently launched an App for Facebook‘s “new timeline” which allows users to compete against their friends and professional athletes to see who can accumulate the most points while raising awareness for LIVESTRONG.

However, the Nike Fuelband website is sold-out.  So how soon can we go for a test run? We need to determine if the Nike Fuelband can simplify life for women. If the Fuelband contains tips on how manage your husband, work, and children, it could perform miracles….


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