The Rye Sole Ryeders are truly extraordinary women. Over the last several years, they have created an amazing not-for-profit brand  that helps women cope with breast cancer. Hundreds of women have walked for breast cancer with their team and thousands have attended their fundraising events.  No one is untouched by breast cancer.

We directly lifted the copy for their latest innovation “The Wig Exchange”. The Wig Exchange can truly revolutionize how everyday women deal with cancer making hair care options open to everyone.  It truly takes a village. Check them out on the web and consider supporting their great work. http://soleryeders.org/?page_id=652

We thank these women for inspiring us and for making a difference!

Announcing the Launch of The Wig Exchange A New Initiative from Sole Ryeders & Friends



For many women, hair loss is the most troublesome side effect of chemotherapy. A nice wig can ease that concern, but well-made wigs are expensive and may not be covered by insurance. Meanwhile, women who’ve finished their cancer treatment are often unsure as to what to do with their barely-used wigs. That’s why we created The Wig Exchange.

High quality wigs for women facing cancer:

If you or someone you know will be undergoing chemotherapy and will experience hair loss, we may be able to help. Women in need of a wig can start the process by viewing our online Wig Salon. Our program coordinator, a cancer survivor herself, can explain how to wear and care for the wig, and even help arrange a wig fitting, wig stylings and haircuts before & after chemo.

A meaningful way to recycle gently used wigs:

While we have new wigs in our inventory, we are especially proud to offer high quality wigs donated by survivors-women who have finished treatment and want to pay it forward by helping out a newly diagnosed woman. All gently used wigs are professionally cleaned and reconditioned*, so they’re completely hygienic and look brand new!

How The Wig Exchange works:

Women in need of a wig speak with our program coordinator and then browse our online Wig Salon to determine which wig(s) they’re interested in. When a selection is made, our program coordinator provides the recipient with the wig, care instructions and accessories.  As a cancer survivor, our coordinator can also answer questions, share personal insight and refer newly diagnosed women to a variety of local support services. When the recipient’s treatment is finished, she returns the wig, we have it professionally cleaned, and the process begins again.

The Wig Exchange was established with the help of a generous donation from Tompkins Financial Advisors in White Plains. As part of Sole Ryeders & Friends, a charitable organization based in Rye, NY, The Wig Exchange currently serves the Westchester area, with the hope of expanding to additional communities soon.

Interested in helping? 

If you would like to donate a wig, related items such as scarves and hats, or make a financial contribution to The Wig Exchange, please contact us! Your donation is tax deductible, and we can assure you that your gift will be truly appreciated by other women just starting their cancer journey.


*Recipients are asked to contribute a nominal fee to cover the cost of reconditioning the wig after they return it.


How to contact us:

If you’d like to donate a wig and/or accessories: donateawig@thewigexchange.org

If you’re in need of a wig:  needawig@thewigexchange.org

For all other information:  info@thewigexchange.org or call (914) 412-4884