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Whole foods

Whole foods (Photo credit: parislemon)

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal announced that Amex is introducing a revolutionary new app that turns Twitter hashtags into real savings.

I discovered the Amex app announcement with Whole Foods on Hootsuite this afternoon and promptly tweeted this revolutionary idea. Shortly after, I received an email from Amex on how to sync.  Of course, I had to google to make sure the email was not an internet scam and I discovered the wonderful WSJ article. The first time I tried to sync I received an error message–maybe consumer overload. The 2nd time it worked. I even received a lovely thank you email for signing up for the app–very classy.

Every time we shop at Whole Foods it costs a fortune, but we want to serve our children the best. Coupons and “cents off” do make a difference to us moms, the primary household purchasers.   The American Express twitter page offers a wide variety of offers with key retailers Zappos, 1-800 Flowers, H&M and Gulf Oil to name a few. Too bad, I didn’t see the deal on Dell computers sooner as I just purchased a MacBook Air on Monday.

I could be tweeting for days and adding up the savings quite quickly. Given concerns over identity theft, I usually on only shop on-line with very secure sites such as Amazon and Paypal. However, American Express as a brand personifies on-line security and safety.  Amex is the “Apple” of Financial Services.  They are truly tapping a key insight that in this economy “young people, singles & families need the perk of savings in this economy for everyday items not just luxury goods”.