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Best Actress Academy Award

Best Actress Academy Award (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

With over 39.3 million viewers the Oscars delivered well for Brand marketers. While the social media buzz focused on wardrobe issues of the celebrities (Angelina) vs the ads, the Academy awards gave a big bang for the buck.

  • Diet Coke used a wonderful tag line…”Not all the stars are on the screen. Stay extraordinary”. This ad significantly outperformed the Super Bowl Bears on the snowfa.
  • We were very impressed that Oikos did another mass market ad. The pool-out of the Super Bowl campaign featuring John Stamos at a party attracts attention, but we like the version where he got head-butted better.
  • So what did you think of the four Ellen JCPenny ads? The first one added some fun Western flavor but we are not sure how coupons related to the wild west. A later ad that featured Ellen trying to buy a $14.99 turn of the century hat really grabbed us because the pricing strategy has family ties for us. My great-grandfather Paul Nystrom a marketing professor at Columbia University’s business school was one of the founders of pricing at $0.99. He also developed the ‘philosophy of futility‘ which discusses how our nation developed our obsession with fashion. Wonder what he would think of ‘People” magazine?