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Jane Goodall 4

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When we went to the theater over February break, Disney Nature’s upcoming movie ‘Chimpanzee’ burst from the big screen. The “See Chimpanzee, Save Chimpanzees promotion” caught our attention especially the children’s. They loved the past “give backs” of other Disney Nature movies.

The trailer promises if we attend the movie during the opening week in April a percentage of our ticket sales will benefit Jane Goodall‘s Chimpanzee foundation.  Our family is very interested in the environment, so we will defintely go to an Earth Day Opening. Morover, the promotion capitalizes on a compelling trend that many parents enjoy spending dollars on fun events that “give back”.

Meanwhile, other marketers are jumping on the Earth Day bandwagon. Last year, Origins skin care offered a hip concert for loyal consumers.   A twenty-something living in NYC would definitely buy Origins Plantscription to see Grammy Award winner Train while mingling with the Lauder Family! I can’t wait to find out what the concert is this year so we can hit it after the movie premiere!

So do Eco-family charity events interest you?