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Glamour (magazine)

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Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with the multitude of Apps available. So I have to go back to my “Board of Directors” for their best recommendations on which Apps I really need to make life easier.  Like the famous theory of Mary Lou Quinlan of ” Just Ask A Woman” fame, my girlfriends are my board of directors. Their recommendations help guide all types of purchase decisions from what type of minivan to buy (yes, we sold out) to what everyday technology is vital to understand as our children become users.

Glamour Magazine offers a new app where you buy instantly the outfits featured in the magazine. What a brilliant way to create ROI for advertisers. The value of print advertising has always been tough to gauge but now social media strategies have revolutionized and shaken up the market.  The magazines that have survived are those that have evolved to use all types of media to do a 360 degree surround of targeted consumers.


Meanwhile, what is your favorite App and why? Time for the Board to speak up!

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