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Every since I was little I have always loved the Oscars. The dresses, the glamorous hosts and the speeches enthralled me for hours. In the mid-90’s while working at Revlon, we lived for the Oscars broadcast since the company spent millions behind its sponsorship.  We would spend Sundays at the local theater viewing three movies back to back.

While many of us now “live stream” movies on the web during the week, hitting the movie theater is still a wonderful experience.   Although the cost of the movies continues to increase, we still value the opportunity to escape everyday life by enjoying a flick on the big screen. Adweek features wonderful datapoints on how movie viewing trends continue to grow. (below article).

Meanwhile, Advertisers are taking advantage of this wonderful hobby and buying cinema media as part of their upfront media buys. Ads before the movies are a great way to reach mass audiences and have efficiently been used by Brands like Coca Cola, Cadbury and Kia.   Mediavest, the hip media buying group, pioneers this strategy for their clients.

But back to the main event—The Academy Awards is usually the top-rated entertainment special of the year and is often referred to as the Super Bowl for Women. The biggest trend of all is that —-the Oscars do drive us to the theater. The re-release of many movies prior to the event is proof in the pudding. My husband and I make sure we see most of the movies before the big night.  We are self-proclaimed movie critics and in the past hosted Oscar night parties before three wonderful children came along….Now we will just have to tweet our favorite picks.