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Parental controls control panel

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Monica Villa the founder and CEO of the onlinemom.com is a true visionary. What makes her website revolutionary is that she spotted a real need gap–that parents struggled with how to manage their children’s use of technology and needed answers fast.   Monica’s website is full of useful tips on internet safety and how to put parental controls on your computer.  Moreover, theonlinemom.com features “how to guides” on every type of social media and innovative tech gadgets so parents become as tech savvy as their teens (maybe almost).  I highly recommend her “tech report” on Pininterest which is the new hot social scrapbooking site.

Monica’s career spans two decades of 3-dimensional consumer marketing that has allowed hundreds of clients to create strong brand connections with key demographics. For the last 15 years she has focused on consumer technology and is passionate about creating tech savvy communities – empowering families to make good decisions about their use of technology. 

The Onlinemom.com is your resource for safely harnessing the power of technology.