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I signed up for Pinterest on the advice on my super amazing tech-savvy friend Monica Villa the On-line Mom www.theonelinemom.com. Would you believe I had 56 followers even before I posted anything? These results are truly amazing.

So what makes this site revolutionary? Pinterest is a social media scrapbooking site that allows you to organize your life.  You can keep all your ideas, gift lists, recipes, important dates, key addresses, trip agendas all in one place. A dear friend, who is also a social marketer, uses it to post key addresses and restaurants for her daughter who is traveling abroad. Pinterest truly makes life easy.

Per Adweek “Pinterest, the scrapbooking site that’s suddenly on everyone’s lips, is like a gift from the social media gods for style-conscious retailers. In January, Pinterest drove more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn  and YouTube combined, per Shareaholic. This month, per comScore, Pinterest hit 11.7 million unique visitors in the U.S., most of them women”.

Brands such as the Gap, West Elm, and Chobani maximize Pinterest to highlight their personality and values. As it grows, Pinterest may potentially add brand-friendly insight tools and enhanced sharing options— but the challenge for Brand Marketers is always how to achieve ROI. I can’t wait to see more analysis soon. Meanwhile–Here is a great blog that helped me set up my boards:http://blog.jamtin.co.za/