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A year or so ago I heard that the WWF now the WWE was targeting moms with tween and teenage boys.  They were cleaning up their content to be more family friendly. Interesting I thought……

They were even developing movie franchises behind characters. I must admit I do love “The Rock” especially in “the Game Plan”.  While I know he is no longer associated with the WWE, he still makes me think of the brand.

The biggest surprise came when suddenly our 9 old son became obsessed with the WWE wrestlers. For Christmas, he wanted a Rumbler “Bash and Battle” ring with the action figures like Sheamus, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Gold Dust, and John Morrinson  

He even began trying out the wrestling moves on his older brother with limited success. Our daughter even has her Barbies trying out the battle ring. So how is WWE’s  positioning revolutionary?

The Brand has become the favorite at our elementary school–spreading like wildfire among the children–very similar to Malcom Gladwell’s tipping point. My 9-year-old said he first saw the ring at a friend’s house, then all his buddies started to play the characters during recess and then around the holidays he saw the ads. Meanwhile, I never thought in a million years that I would buy anything from the WWE for our children.

Nothing motivates a mom more to buy a brand than its presence on her child’s birthday or christmas list.  What’s the next round from WWE–more video games? I am sure we will jump in the ring first this round.