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Image from a friend pre-game

This year— the Super Bowl featured the battle of Detroit. NBC estimated that 177 million viewers — or more than 56% of the current U.S. population — watched at least six minutes of the game. What a way to drive automobile purchase intent! Our Super Bowl Party had fun wagering if the next ad would be a car commercial or not. The Kia and the Cars.com ads ranked as the favorites.

From Adweek’s Tim Nudd — A fun controversy brewed ahead of the game. “According to Jalopnik, Ford  pressured General Motors and NBC not to air Chevrolet’s “2012” spot, which suggests the Chevy Silverado would survive an apocalypse but Ford trucks wouldn’t.  GM stood firm, with global CMO Joel Ewanick saying in a press release: “We stand by our claims in the commercial, that the Silverado is the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup on the road. We can wait until the world ends, and if we need to, we will apologize. In the meantime, people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.” Awesome. We can only imagine how many angry phone calls are going back and forth right now”.

What did you think of “Halftime in America” with Clint Eastwood? During the excitement of the game and managing our children, I did not absorb the ad until after the Super Bowl. I like the hopeful message from GM but wonder if others were able to catch it? After all the political pac ads on TV, many we know are starting to tune out advertising with messages in political tones.  Don’t mean to get political but if we pooled all the spending of the silly pac ads we could feed the hungry in America. You agree?

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